Transit, Charter, School Bus, & Truck Driver Safety Training

We Chose Quality Driver Training Over Quantity

Welcome to Safety Sat. Our mission is to reduce the number of accidents involving commercial motor vehicles by providing quality, individualized, safety training.

All commercial drivers need ongoing training to promote and improve safe driving habits and reduce accidents.  This professional development program is designed to help mitigate accidents, improve poor driving habits, and help the company promote a culture of driving safely.

Safety Sat Training is a professional learning and development service that offers training based on defensive driving techniques and industry best practices.

In the program, participants select topics on which they would like to receive training and receive a module every month based on their selections.

Safety Sat Training

FACT: Essentially all employers of commercial drivers struggle to provide regular, ongoing safety training to ALL of their drivers.

Safety Sat Training

About Us

The company was formed in 2013.  It took 2.5 years to research topics and create training modules.  In early 2016, the program was beta tested at a small transit system in Texas.  We gained a plethora of "fine tuning" information" and received accolades from driver participants and the operations management team.  In 2017 Safety Sat was used for post-accident training at Echo Transportation in Fort Worth, TX.  In 2018 Echo Transportation began using Safety Sat as their monthly driver training program and the rest was history (as they say).