Transit, Charter, School Bus, & Truck Driver Safety Training


How does Safety Sat compare to other training system and programs?

Safety Sat can be used in conjunction with most training programs.  Contact us for specific details.

If I go with Safety Sat Training should I eliminate my safety officer's position?

No.  Your safety officer or director of operations will be key to the success of using Safety Sat at your organization.

How much does this training program cost?

Prices vary depending upon the number of drivers you anticipate will be trained.  Contact us for specific details.

What is the advantage of using the Safety Sat training program?

Your drivers can receive regular, ongoing training with little to NO overtime. 

Does this program meet the requirements of MAP-21?

Yes.  Safety Sat is definitely a way in which your company/organization can do its due diligence of promoting a safe ride and safety culture.

Is this a new hire training program?

No.  Sorry.

Can this program be licensed to be used by our company/organization?

No.  Sorry.

How do we get started?

Contact us for more information or to set up a meeting.

How many training modules are there?

Over 40 and growing

The modules seem a little short. Is there more to the program?

No. We prefer to give drivers small amounts of information in which they are likely to remember.